Wednesday, August 07 2019 / Published in Blog
Milwaukee Bay View Neighborhood
The Bay View neighborhood in Milwaukee – bounded by Lake Michigan to the east, and roughly from Meredith Street to Superior, up to Nock Street, and then from Wentworth Ave. to Pryor Ave. – is considered by its residents to be one of the best places to live in the metro Milwaukee area.     While
Wednesday, July 24 2019 / Published in Blog
trends in kitchen design
Ok, I have to come out and just say it:  dining rooms are becoming a thing of the past.  And, this change is impacting kitchens – which, no can argue, are increasingly the hub of today’s home.     In response, kitchen design is making the transition from food preparation/eating space to living space more seamless.
Thursday, July 18 2019 / Published in Blog
preparing your house for sale
As real estate agents, we frequently see sellers who plan to spend a lot of money renovating in order to get a higher selling price. That philosophy very rarely pays off – if at all – in preparing a house for sale. In reality, most sellers do not recover the cost of the renovation. Even
Tuesday, July 16 2019 / Published in Blog
W1166 Hidden Oaks Dr East Troy WI
There is no doubt that what makes a property perfect varies from person to person. For that reason, when two or more people are looking for a home it can be difficult.   Can a property provide the essential ingredients that, when combined, offer a different lifestyle experiences in one place? We believe so. Consider
Thursday, July 11 2019 / Published in Blog
smart home thermostat
Globally, the demand for smart homes continues to grow. According to the National Association of Realtors, the smart home market is expected to become a $130 billion industry by 2020. And it’s not only early adopters or tech-minded Millennials who are interested in smart home technology. In fact, “43 percent of Americans with smart home
Saturday, June 01 2019 / Published in News
Oconomowoc resident Hayley Duerwachter has joined the team of BEYOND Realty™, the ground-breaking home buying and selling approach goes beyond what people traditionally encounter during either process.  With an extensive background in the hospitality industry, Duerwachter’s experience also includes residential mortgage lending, as well as building and managing her own investment property portfolio.   “We’re pleased
Wednesday, May 01 2019 / Published in News
Cathy Moon, Genesee, has joined the team of BEYOND Realty™, a ground-breaking lifestyle-focused approach that is transforming how people search for, buy and sell real estate.  Cathy began her real estate career many years ago, buying and refurbishing homes and investment properties. She quickly gained a unique perspective into what updates and improvements would help
Monday, April 15 2019 / Published in Blog
Use our advanced search to find your perfect home
Lifestyle is an important factor in decision-making. When we buy a pair of shoes, we check out the fit and comfort by walking in them around the store. When we get home, if we stay on the carpet, we can try them out a little longer before deciding if they’re “keepers.”  If we’re buying a
Monday, April 15 2019 / Published in Blog
urban lifestyle home buyers
Selling a house is complicated. And, when details are not managed correctly or truthfully, a seller can land up in court. This is why it’s important to work with a qualified and experienced real estate agent or with an attorney who can protect your interests and guide you through all phases of the selling process.
Monday, April 15 2019 / Published in Blog
real estate agent doing lifestyle consultation
So, you’re on the hunt for a new home…maybe even your first home.  It’s fun to look at listings, go to open houses, and tell everyone you know to keep their eyes open for you. But sooner or later it may not be as much fun.  Many houses aren’t the right fit for one reason

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