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Meet the BEYOND Realty team.

When it comes to helping clients buying or selling a home, our team really earns the name BEYOND Realty. It’s not often you come across a real estate organization that hits all the high benchmarks for customer satisfaction and success. Time and time again we have proven ourselves able to go beyond traditional realtor techniques to help individuals and families find the home that’s a perfect lifestyle fit and help home sellers achieve a quick sale at a great price.

Founded by Chris Kramer-Nesbitt and CoCo (Gingrass) Boden, the BEYOND Realty team offers an all-new concept for home buying and selling. We’re realtors skilled at listening and identifying your lifestyle in order to understand your goals. Our award-winning experiences as Buyer Agents gives us unique insights into buyer behaviors so we can help buyers see beyond the actual property to its lifestyle potential. For sellers, the Beyond team is exceptionally skilled in buyer attraction, knowing how – and exactly where – to strategically promote and convey the inherent lifestyle of your home.

The BEYOND Realty team makes dreams come true for home sellers and buyers. We offer advice on readying homes for sale. We educate buyers and sellers so that they can make smart decisions. We use strategic listing strategies to find and attract the right buyer. BEYOND Realty has earned best-realtor kudos from clients throughout S.E. Wisconsin because we are experienced and strategic yet small enough to make our clients’ interests our first and only priority.

Meet the BEYOND Realty® Team

We are a group of talented, well versed local real estate agents with over 100 years of combined experience.

Chris Kramer-Nesbit

Founder Beyond Realty®, Licensed Real Estate Agent

CoCo (Gingrass) Boden

Co-Founder Beyond Realty®, Licensed Real Estate Agent

Hayley Duerwachter

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Cathy Moon

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Joal Derse Dauer


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