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In the long run, it all comes down to feeling comfortable and happy in whatever you buy. That’s why it’s so important to us to understand not only your goals – number of bedrooms, for instance – but also the aesthetics and amenities that will truly make a house or condo your home. It may be a walkable neighborhood, a yard for children and pets, enough space for a hobbies, or accessible shopping and schools. Instead of scouring MLS listings of homes for sale, we focus on understanding the lifestyle you love. Then we go beyond traditional search techniques to help you find a home that’s just right for you.

Both buying and selling involve a lot of money and require informed answers to many important questions. The Beyond Realty team believes that every buyer and seller should enter a transaction fully briefed and very well educated so they can comfortably make the best decisions for themselves.

At Beyond Realty, we know understanding buyer behavior is the most important key to successfully selling a home.  Most buyers decide in seconds whether they want to visit a property. They may entirely rule it out based on what they see online. Buyers also make snap judgements as to the lifestyle a property offers − based on what they see as well as things that aren’t even visible.  That’s why we consider ourselves true innovators. We know how to use digital to get inside the heads of buyers and bring them to the next step: an actual walk-through.

Our strategy with condos and homes for sale is to use only professional photography carefully planned to help buyers imagine a lifestyle there. Traditional photos of every room don’t reach the hearts and minds of buyers.  We also know that lifestyle descriptions will succeed over the usual room and amenity listings.  

At Beyond Realty, our process is not one-size-fits-all.  An accurate assessment of the lifestyle and even the essence of any home for sale is the critical first step. Then we determine how to convey that both visually and emotionally. We don’t want buyers to just look at pictures of rooms, floors, fireplaces and yards, we want them to ‘feel’ a lifestyle. The goal is to have them envision themselves in that home and be captivated by its attributes.

We know from experience that most buyers want to integrate their own style and preferences into the home they buy. That’s why we start with a careful assessment to determine if there are any serious issues that need remediation before listing a property. We rarely recommend a renovation as it seldom pays for itself in terms of a higher selling price.

Refreshing some aspects of your property may be all that's needed, as suggested in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel articles on kitchen refresh and furnishing/color/accent refresh tips.  We’re skilled at advising sellers how to visually prepare their property for sale – from easy refreshes such as those described in these articles to simple decluttering. We can also conduct any staging necessary to help attract buyers so you can land a quick sale.

Multi-family properties have the best long-term, cash-on-cash return. Most duplexes on the market today can earn an investor 15 percent or more on their investment; some can even bring in as much as a 35 percent. There are few other investments – including the stock market-- that can keep up with those numbers.  Realtor Cathy Moon is a very experienced multi-family property investor. She is always happy to review simple formulas that illustrate how investing in real estate can be a sound financial decision for client situation and goals.

The key to the Beyond Realty team’s success has been taking traditional home buying and selling strategies beyond what most other real estate firms do. Chris Kramer-Nesbitt and Coco Gingrass Boden are the recipients of Realty Executives’ 2016 Diamond Award, 2017 Double Diamond Award and 2018 100% Club.  Chris has been voted a Five Star Milwaukee Real Estate Agent since 2015, and in 2018, REAL Trends Agent & Team Rankings selected her team as one of the best in America.  In 2018, Coco received Five Star Professional's Rising Star Award given to up-and-coming agents who have been in the industry for less than five years and show strong potential to excel.

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